It is time for Woodward Elementary School?s Sixth Annual Running Club! Running Club members are challenged to walk, jog, or run a Progressive Marathon (26.2 miles) during the 2017 - 2018 school year! Every Monday and Thursday afternoon, Running Club Members are invited to run/walk a mile. The Running Club Coordinators will supervise scheduled Run Days. Marathoners are able to run miles independently as well. Members will be responsible for keeping track of the number of miles they complete. Club members will be given a toe token for each mile completed. Toe tokens may be worn as a bracelet or hung on a backpack. The last mile of the Progressive Marathon may be run at a local running event (more info to come) where students will be awarded a Finisher?s Medal.

What is a progressive marathon?
A progressive marathon is an accumulation of miles prior to race day. The last miles of the marathon are run at an event. A Progressive Marathon medal is awarded for running 26.2 miles over time.
Who may participate?
The Running Club is open to all students, staff, and families of Woodward Elementary School.
When and where will the Running Club meet?
The Running Club will meet on Mondays and Thursdays after school from 3:00-3:30 beginning October 23rd. Students will meet on the school field and all running will occur on campus.
What is needed to join the Running Club?
To join the Running Club a permission slip and fees paid online at (permission slips are available in the office and through your child?s teacher) Students will need to bring comfortable running shoes and water on run days.
What is provided by the Running Club?
Each club member will receive a Running Club T-shirt, a Toe Token for each mile completed, and a finisher's medal once 26.2 miles are completed.
What if a member has never run before?
Some members will choose to walk - that is ok. The purpose is to be participating and moving.

Running Days Cancellation?
You will get a message if running days are cancelled.
1. Download the Remind App on your phone.
2. Enter this number 81010
3. Text this message: @mrsdadki

  •  Registration Rate of $15 per person. Pay online:
  •  Calling all Adults to join in the fun! Special Adult Price for those interested in participating but not interested in t-     shirts, medals, or collecting toe tokens. (See Mrs. Adkins for the $5 participation-only rate)
  •  We are looking for volunteers to help out on run days. If you are interested, please contact Mrs. Adkins at